Thunderstorm Patriot


There is nothing really special about my past to impress people.  I have been an auto mechanic, computer technician, network engineer, and a teacher in my various careers.  I have never been rich, but I have been comfortable.  I have been poor at times, but have never starved.  I am an average guy that has experienced the same struggles that most of us face in our lives.  But my “Average Joe” background also allows me to view politics from a perspective that is outside the influences of the power brokers.

I am a truly independent voter who has voted for both major political parties, as well as a number of third-party and independent candidates.  My politics are sensibly conservative with a strong libertarian streak. Our friends from the left wing should read that as my declaration that I am not an extremist nut.  My views are based on history and philosophy, not on emotion.  To be an extremist the ideology must justify itself without reason.

I hold contempt for voters who pull the party lever.  They are robots without free will or the sense to exercise critical thinking.  They might also be too lazy to actually invest thought into their vote.  I hold equal disdain for the political maneuvering of  the Republican and Democrat parties.  In my opinion, both major parties are more interested in expanding their power than the welfare of our nation and its people.

Throughout my life there is one constant.  I love the United States of America with every fiber of my being. I consider the American Experiment to be the most successful chapter in human history.  I base this upon the liberty and prosperity that it has brought to the people who have been privileged to be part of the experiment.  This prosperity has not been limited to the United States.  The American Experiment has been a guiding light for billions of people throughout the world.

I am a student of America, its history, and its philosophy. I have developed ideas and opinions that I look forward to sharing with you.  My blog is meant to be a civil discussion of history and philosophy and not a playground for unfounded political spin.  A such, I will exercise the power of the ban hammer to enforce productive discourse.  Be prepared to justify your opinion in facts and philosophy.


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